What is a "House Concert"?

  A house concert is not a loud "party" with large amounts of alcohol, boisterous behavior, annoyed neighbors, with a musician or band blazing away to provide background music. A house concert is just that.....a concert, but in your home instead of a theater or performance hall. It is also much more intimate, with the audience and performer sharing the same space, creating a closeness and musical bond that simply cannot exist in a large venue. And almost everyone who thinks their living room is too small for a concert, winds up amazed at how comfortably they were able to accommodate seating for 20 or more people by simply adding a few folding chairs, pillows, etc!

  Here is what Jenny Williams, blogger for Wired had to say about house concerts:

  "I had never been to a house concert before, and wasn't sure what to expect. We visited for a while, and then other people started showing up. We knew no one, but most people there were pretty friendly. There were almost two dozen people by the time the concert began. All of [the songs] were better live than recorded. I have found that hearing music live gives you a whole new appreciation for the recorded versions. He would also add commentary and asides to many of the songs, which made them funnier and applicable to that particular concert.... At the break, people gave their donations ,bought CD's, and generally gushed about the concert....All in all, I would definitely go to a house concert again. Marian says she enjoys them the most, and I can see why. They bring people together for one night, often complete strangers, which can sometimes facilitate more lasting friendships. In addition, you get to hear live music and support the independent arts. Helping one person achieve success inspires others to take chances. Additionally, you can directly support the artist, instead of a venue taking a cut. I wish more musicians would do house concert tours."

House Concerts are usually:

          An invitation-only concert held in someones home

          Attended by 20-50 people, invited by the host

          May, or may not include light snacks, beverages, or a pot luck dinner

          Attended by the host's friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans of the artist

          Performed with little or no amplification

          Very intimate-the audience sits close and are attentive

          Guests usually arrive 30-60 minutes before the concert begins to socialize and meet the artist

          Usually attended by a wide age group, "twenty somethings"on  up to full retirees!

          The actual concert usually last one to one and a half hours

          Totally donation based, meaning no preset admission, and no cost to the host!

          Guests are free to place whatever donation they feel comfortable with in the artists tip jar

  If you have even the slightest interest in hosting a house concert, please feel free to contact me! Just go to my contact page on this website and send me a message. I would be more than happy to talk with you, refer you to some great websites with tons of info, and of course do a concert for you and your friends in your living room! (Or patio, garage, backyard, poolside......If you really don't have enough room, some people choose to host a concert at a local community hall, church, etc)

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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