Son of a Seaman's Daughter

Greg Parke

Toss some Rodney Crowell, Gordon Lightfoot, CSN, Jimmy Buffet, and Howie Day in a blender, serve over ice on a hot day, or in a nice warm mug in front of the fire if it is a bit chilly outside, and you'll have an idea of what's in store for you

"Super CD, great talent! Watch Greg's career soar"

"Outstanding! Every song hold up"

"Your stories and music come together like two streams forming a river"

Singer-songwriter Greg Parke finally releases his long awaited CD, "Son of a Seaman's Daughter". Who is Greg Parke? Take a little bit of Rodney Crowell, add some Gordon Lightfoot and Graham Nash, add a pinch Jimmy Buffet, and top it off with a splash of Howie Day, and you'll have a pretty good idea.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Greg was exposed to many forms of music at an early age; rock, folk, country, classical, and even opera! He became so interested in music that he built his first guitar at age 7, and soon was performing as a guitarist and vocalist with other musicians, as well as a solo artist.

Greg's love of music and performing have continued as a driving force all of his life, and his wide range of musical influences are very evident on this CD. From the smooth, haunting vocals and instrumentation on the title track, "Son of a Seaman's Daughter, to the "life is an adventure to be lived" feel of "Drive", to the almost bluegrass sounding "Faded Gold", to the heartfelt lyrics of "Home Again", you begin to get an understanding and appreciation of this versatile musician.

If you like "Son of a Seaman's Daughter", visit Greg's website at for information on a new CD due to be released Winter 2009. If you have never had the chance to see Greg Parke live, be sure to check his calendar page for a listing of upcoming performances.

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