Dec 012011

We all know what “turkey day “is about, right? A day of giving thanks, getting together with family and friends, eating all that food….Yeah! Well, this year, my Wife, Son and I all went to my sister-in laws house, and had a little different kind of holiday celebration. Oh there was the usual…all those fantastic snacks that you fill up on while everything else is cooking, the champagne, maybe a shot or two of Pendelton, a few more snacks, and then finally time to carve the turkey. Oh boy! I often volunteer for that job, because I can stay out of the way of the cooks doing their thing and still help out, plus I get to do “quality control” whenever I see a tasty looking piece that really won’t be missed on the platter. Things were going well until my sister in law put the yams back in the oven to brown the marshmellow topping. We were all toasting with another glass of champagne when somebody noticed a bit of smoke coming out of the oven. Opening the oven door revealed a bit more than smoke, as flames came roaring out the door! We all yelled for the kids to get out of the kitchen and open the back door. I grabbed a towel, pulled out the by now totally blackened stuff out of the oven, and headed for the back door. Luckily I was able to blow out the flames, and my sister in law took a big fork and pulled a huge glob of burnt marshmellows off the top. Hey, what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen, right? Have another glass of champagne and enjoy the “Cajon” yams! We had a great dinner, and spent the night.

The next morning is time to start the turkey soup, so preperations began. Chopping carrots, celery mushrooms, (maybe a little champagne?) Things were going well until I noticed a familiar smell. I looked over at the stove, only to see flames leaping from one of the burners. There must have been something that spilled over and was now sending flames about a foot high. A large pot was placed over the burner and the flames went out, and soon someone came into the kitchen and said “Is something burning?”. What was that I said earlier? What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen? Yeah. I decided that maybe I should get out of the kitchen for a while!

You may be wondering why I called this blog “Turkey Day Jam”. It just so happened that I still had all of my music gear in the truck, as I had just done a show the previous night. My sister in law’s significant other is a pretty decent drummer, and we had never played together before. My son, who is no slouch on the guitar, just happened to have his guitar and amp with him, so we cleared a spot in the living room, set up enough sound equipment to probably cover a small Woodstock, and proceded to have a jam session. We had a blast, played countless songs for several hours, and I’m happy to report that nothing else caught fire!