Apr 062012

Now that’s an interesting title! Actually, it’s the name of a podcast that has been playing some of my music this past year. They are having an anniversary show featuring what they feel is the “best of the best” of all of the music they have used during their first year, and I am honored that they have chosen one of my songs, “Son of a Seaman’s Daughter” to be included in that program.
The 2 hour show will be broadcast on Saturday, April 7th at 8:00pm PST at www.musicyoudonthave.com, iTunes, Stitcher, and LearnOutLoud.com. If you want to hear a ton of great music by indie artists, be sure to check out Music You Don’t Have, But Should!

Mar 302012

Wow, had a close call in the studio the other day! The old heater finally called it quits, and shorted out. The end result was a severely burned wall outlet and black soot part way up the wall. Needless to say, I ripped out the sheetrock to inspect and repair any damage to the wiring and make sure there was no fire inside the wall. I guess you never get over 15 years as a Volunteer Fire Chief! The good news is no equipment was damaged, so other than needing a new heater, and having to repair a good sized hole in the wall, I can get back to finishing up my new CD. I am soooo thankful that I was in the studio when it happened. I don’t even want to think about what the result might have been if I hadn’t been there!

I’m thinking that when I do the major studio remodel (new control room, vocal booth, live room) I am going to look into a more permanent type of heat source instead of a portable electric heater. A central heat source is usually something you take for granted, but my studio is built in a 1890 era barn, and they usually didn’t install heat back in those days!

Mar 262012

You might notice something new on my website (besides the new music!) If you look to the far right side of the page, you will see something that says “Send Voicemail”. Just click on that, follow a few easy steps, and send me a voicemail using your computers built in microphone. Very easy, and I would love to hear from you! Tell me anything! Let me know if you like my new songs, or even if you don’t. If you have a favorite club or festival that you would like me to perform at, let me know. Tell me about your Aunt Matilda’s cat…..I’m all ears!

This new feature is still in the beta-test mode, so I won’t have the ability to answer you back by voice mail for another week or so, but as soon as that feature is up and running, I will definetly send you a voice mail back!

Mar 202012

I remember very clearly the first time that Lori and I professed that we really loved each other. No…I don’t remember the exact year, but it was New Years Eve. I am lucky enough that it happened on a particular date that nobody can forget…New Years Eve. BFD.. for all I care , it could have happened on Hallowen, or Valentines Day, or Sadie Halkins Day…I really don’t care. What I do care about is that we did, and still do, love each other.
I also remember the day that my son was born. May 20,….once again, I can’t recall the exact year, but I do remember the day. ( In my defense, I can also tell you my exact birthdate, month, day, and year, but I have long since forgotten how old I am in years, and I really don’t care!) I tend to remember the really important times in my life, and I have come to realize that, at least for me, exactly when something happened doesn’t matter nearly so much as that it actually happened.
Well, today another major milestone happened! I found out a few hours ago that Kris, my son, and Marika, a very important addition to my sons life, are about to bring another life into this world! I can’t even to begin to express how I really feel. I do remember when Lori and I first thought that Lori might be “in a family way”. I think I called the doctors office so many times on the day that the test results were due that I broke some records! Those kind of results come back a lot faster these days, but I will never forget how I felt when I got the definite news. I had no idea what my face must have looked like then, but now I think I know. I will never forget this image… My son was slightly behind me, looking at me over my left shoulder, his face somewhat red, but absolutly beaming…..the exact words are somewhat personal, but the message was clear…….
Kris, I love you more than I even begin to know how to express. Marika, when I see you and my son together, and the honest love and affection that you have for each other, I am overwhelmed. And now, the two of you, Kris and Marika, are bringing another life into this world. I will never forget this moment! Kris… as I told you earlier today, and these same thoughts go out to Marika, the best thing that ever happened to me in my life was having a child. And now, to see my son, grown up, and someone that I am so proud of, to be able to be rewarded with this love that you and Marika share, and to have this love be so blessed with the honor of creating another life…..there are no words that can truely capture this feeling.
Kris, when you were about 8 years old, I tried to write a song that expressed how I felt about being a father. No matter how hard I tried, It seemed that I just couldn’t put the words and music together that really captured all the emotions that I felt. I only performed that song once in public, and I was in tears by the time I finished it. Even though I never felt that the song did justice to what I wanted to say, I still got very emotional about the message I was trying to get across. Well, by coincidence, or maybe by fate(?) I came across that song recently when I was going through some old notes in my studio. As I read through the lyrics, I realized that I really had captured the emotions that I was looking for, and I had written them in the very first verse of the song:
“A child is love made visible, and you are here to see”
Wow, what a day! I love you both, and I am so excited about being a grandpa! This is way to cool! This is my website, so I can repeat myself if I want to, right? Yeah? OK then…I love you both….uhh I mean, you three!

Mar 172012

This is a song from my new CD that deals with kids as innocent victims of drug abuse and neglect. Yeah, it’s a sad song, but don’t worry. There are happy songs on my new CD too! (I will be posting more songs here soon, so please check back often)
And….as my way of saying thanks, if you share this with your friends on facebook, you can download this song for free! Just click on the “download” button, and you will have my eternal graditude! (And the song too)

Feb 112012

Wow, sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I do have a good excuse….really!
I know I have been promising this for quite a while now, but the new CD is so close to being finished, I can almost taste it! I have been in the studio every day for the past few weeks, putting on all the finishing touches. Early next week, I will be putting a brand new song from the CD on this website, using the new music player that I mentioned in the previous post. And for those of you that already downloaded “Faded Old Flag”….Well, there is a new version of that song that will be on the CD. It is still the same song, just a better mix, much better drums, with a little more folk-rock feel.
If things keep going the way they have been, I will have some “pre-release” copies available of the new CD in about two weeks. More on that later, but for now, it’s back to the studio for a few hours before tonights gig!

Dec 092011

This was my second year performing at the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival, and I’m already looking forward to next year! If you get a chance, be sure to check this festival out. It runs every weekend in December, and they really pull out all the stops for Christmas. For those of you that don’t know about Leavenworth, it is a very small town in North Central Washington, and several years ago the whole town got together and re-did the town in a Bavarian Theme. It is surrounded by mountains, and high enough so that they usually have plenty of snow this time of year. To say that they decorate for Christmas is an understatement! If you are anywhere near Seattle, just look to the northeast after the sun sets, and that glow you see in the sky will probably be Leavenworth!
I was there last Saturday and Sunday, and got to do two performances each day. I don’t usually get to perform Christmas music, so this was the perfect opportunity. I especially liked the nightime shows outside in the town square…..and fortunately they had some heaters on stage, because it was cold! No wonder Santa has a red nose and rosey cheeks. He was there, along with Father Christmas, horse drawn carts, Wise Men, and tons of people taking it all in. Unfortunately I didn’t get any video’s due to time and technical difficulties. Maybe next year?

Dec 012011

We all know what “turkey day “is about, right? A day of giving thanks, getting together with family and friends, eating all that food….Yeah! Well, this year, my Wife, Son and I all went to my sister-in laws house, and had a little different kind of holiday celebration. Oh there was the usual…all those fantastic snacks that you fill up on while everything else is cooking, the champagne, maybe a shot or two of Pendelton, a few more snacks, and then finally time to carve the turkey. Oh boy! I often volunteer for that job, because I can stay out of the way of the cooks doing their thing and still help out, plus I get to do “quality control” whenever I see a tasty looking piece that really won’t be missed on the platter. Things were going well until my sister in law put the yams back in the oven to brown the marshmellow topping. We were all toasting with another glass of champagne when somebody noticed a bit of smoke coming out of the oven. Opening the oven door revealed a bit more than smoke, as flames came roaring out the door! We all yelled for the kids to get out of the kitchen and open the back door. I grabbed a towel, pulled out the by now totally blackened stuff out of the oven, and headed for the back door. Luckily I was able to blow out the flames, and my sister in law took a big fork and pulled a huge glob of burnt marshmellows off the top. Hey, what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen, right? Have another glass of champagne and enjoy the “Cajon” yams! We had a great dinner, and spent the night.

The next morning is time to start the turkey soup, so preperations began. Chopping carrots, celery mushrooms, (maybe a little champagne?) Things were going well until I noticed a familiar smell. I looked over at the stove, only to see flames leaping from one of the burners. There must have been something that spilled over and was now sending flames about a foot high. A large pot was placed over the burner and the flames went out, and soon someone came into the kitchen and said “Is something burning?”. What was that I said earlier? What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen? Yeah. I decided that maybe I should get out of the kitchen for a while!

You may be wondering why I called this blog “Turkey Day Jam”. It just so happened that I still had all of my music gear in the truck, as I had just done a show the previous night. My sister in law’s significant other is a pretty decent drummer, and we had never played together before. My son, who is no slouch on the guitar, just happened to have his guitar and amp with him, so we cleared a spot in the living room, set up enough sound equipment to probably cover a small Woodstock, and proceded to have a jam session. We had a blast, played countless songs for several hours, and I’m happy to report that nothing else caught fire!

Nov 172011

Some of you may know from some of mypast blogs that I live on an old farm in SW Washington, and have taken on a seeming endless project of restoring the 1890 era farmhouse. I guess the climate must have been a lot warmer back in 1890, because they sure didn’t build the house with the idea of keeping warm air in, and cold breezes out! The walls are only 1 1/4 inch thick, if you include the old wallpaper. They took rough cut fir planks, about 1 inch thick, 10 to 15 inches wide, 20 feet long, and erected them as the exterior walls. Then they put siding on the outside, and wallpaper on the inside. No studs, no insulation, and all square cut nails. I am pretty much building a new house on the inside by putting in 2×6 studs, insulation, new wiring, plumbing, doors, windows, and trying to live in it at the same time with my wife, son, and of course Moon cat, and Flea, my wife’s Maltese dog. My three big dogs, Romy, Fatso and Zoomer are happy to live outside, except for days like yesterday when I had a gaping hole in the wall where a window used to be, and where a sliding glass door soon will be. At times like that, the big dogs just can’t decide if they want to be in, or out. Or in, again….or out, again. It’s always such a joy to be kneeling down nailing a stud into the wall and have a big, muddy, soaking wet german shepard decide to stick their nose right in your face to see what you are doing. Hopefully the door will go in today! A few more days of working on the house, and then I will be back in the studio working on a new song idea. As long as I don’t smash my thumb with a hammer again!