Aug 012014

Awhile back I wrote about my guitar sound, and I was about to try out some new pickups for my Taylor acoustic. I tried out several, and here is what I finally came up with.
The main pickup I am using for just a pure acoustic sound is the Mag-Mic by Seymour Duncan. It is a combination of a magnetic pickup and a condensor microphone, and the sound is incredible! I have used it for many different types of performances the past few months, ranging from small clubs to large outdoor venues over a huge sound system, and it has worked way beyond my expectations. I was a bit concerned that a magnetic pickup would give me more of an “electric” sound, but that is definitely not the case! What I get is a true acoustic guitar sound, without the feedback and location problems associated with trying to mic an acoustic guitar live. And to get that extra “sparkle” you can only get from a microphone, there is a dial on the pickup that allows you to blend in however much signal you want from the built in condensor microphone. The dial is very easy to reach (you can adjust it as you are playing if needed!) and you can turn the mic completely off if you want, and still have a fantastic sound.

I also use MIDI to generate other sounds from my guitar, and the MIDI system I finally settled on is the Ghost System by Graph Tech. I had been using a different brand for the past few years, but after way to many pickup failures, not to mention a rather thin acoustic sound, I decided to make a change. The Graph Tech system tracks very well, the pickups are a completly different design that shouldn’t have the failure problems of the brand I had been using, and as an added bonus, the acoustic sound is very warm and smooth as well!

Between these two pickups, it’s almost like I have new guitar!