Apr 022014

I get a lot of questions about the sounds I get from my guitars so I thought I would do an update here on my website. I will start with my electric guitars.
First, all of my electric guitars are fitted with Seymour Duncan Pickups. I have tried many brands over the years, and by far, Seymour Duncan pickups have always given me the best sound. They have done very extensive product reasearch, are very helpful and knowledgeable about not only thier products, but also which of thier pickups will work best in relation to what type of guitar, playing style, type of music, etc. From the Seymour Duncan pickups, I usually run the signal through a Peavey TubeFex guitar processor. Those “other sounds” you hear…things like bass, symphony strings, piano, organ etc, come from a Roland MIDI pickup driving a Roland VG-99 guitar synth, and/or a Roland JV-1080. My current “main” electric guitar is a Stratocaster style that I built a couple of years ago. I am thinking about building another one soon, with a few more refinements….but mainly because guitars are so much fun to build!

For my acoustic guitar, for the past several years I have mainly performed on a Taylor guitar, but for recording I may use my Taylor, Martin, Guild or Ovation Nylon string, depending on the sound I am after. I also installed RMC MIDI pickups in my Taylor, but I have never been all that thrilled with the acoustic sound that comes over the PA. So, once again I am turning to my friends at Seymour Duncan. They just recommended two different acoustic pickups for me to try, and I will be doing that later today or tomorrow. I’ll re-post as soon as I try them out!