Mar 302012

Wow, had a close call in the studio the other day! The old heater finally called it quits, and shorted out. The end result was a severely burned wall outlet and black soot part way up the wall. Needless to say, I ripped out the sheetrock to inspect and repair any damage to the wiring and make sure there was no fire inside the wall. I guess you never get over 15 years as a Volunteer Fire Chief! The good news is no equipment was damaged, so other than needing a new heater, and having to repair a good sized hole in the wall, I can get back to finishing up my new CD. I am soooo thankful that I was in the studio when it happened. I don’t even want to think about what the result might have been if I hadn’t been there!

I’m thinking that when I do the major studio remodel (new control room, vocal booth, live room) I am going to look into a more permanent type of heat source instead of a portable electric heater. A central heat source is usually something you take for granted, but my studio is built in a 1890 era barn, and they usually didn’t install heat back in those days!