Apr 232012

I just got back from a very fun event at the Mason County Fairgrounds called DragonFest, and I can’t wait to go back for more events! The Mason County Fairgrounds was in danger of being torn down and the property sold, but fortunately a very dedicated group of people have stepped up and are turning the fairgrounds into a resource to be used throughout the year, instead of just for a 3 day fair each Summer. DragonFest was just one of the many events they have planned, and if the rest of the events are going to be anything like DragonFest, then Mason County is in for a real treat!
There was no shortage of things to do and see at DragonFest…..lantern building, live music on two stages, an amazing “fire breathing” show put on by a very enthusiastic group of performers called Dragon Steps (the night time show was very impressive!) They even had a pillow case making marathon to help benefit some charities, not to mention bicycle/whipped cream pie jousting, a petting zoo, great food, a beer garden….I not only got to perform for the Thursday night kickoff dinner, but also on the main stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you live in the area, keep your eye on this venue. I see some great things happening here!