May 272013

I discovered long ago that one of the reasons I love performing at festivals is because of all the wonderful people I get to meet, and the new friends that I make. The Brinnon Shrimp Festival this past weekend was a perfect example! I was planning on camping out in my truck, and cooking over my trusty propane camp stove, but it didn’t turn out that way. The Talbots, who had organized this event, invited myself and two other musicians to their home for dinner. We started off with wine and cheese, and then moved on to the main course of salmon filets, home made bread, more wine, great conversation…..quite a bit different than what I had planned for dinner that night! After dinner I was offered the use of their guest bedroom for the night, and they even fed me breakfast in the morning. I must admit that was much more comfortable than my sleeping bag, not to mention my “limited” cooking skills! A huge “thank you” to the Talbots!
The festival was great too. I can’t eat shrimp (darn it!) but oysters….oh yeah! I made several trips to the booth that was serving pan fried oysters, and even picked up a few dozen oysters on the shell to take home. This is spring time here on the coast, so no one was too surprised that it rained a bit Saturday night, but those poor folks with the beer garden were faced with quite a dilemma Sunday morning. It seemed that the rain had turned their tarp roof into a huge swimming pool! What had been an 8 foot ceiling was now hanging a few inches above the tables. Thanks to some of the food vendors loaning some hoses, the water was all siphoned out and the roof propped in time for the festival to open, so no harm done. The rain didn’t hurt any of the seating in front of the stage either…they just rolled the hay bales over to a dry side, and on with the show! Besides doing a lot of my old favorites, I also performed several songs from my new CD. A real highlight for me was when the entire audience joined in to help me sing a chorus. I stopped playing my guitar for a moment, and you could hear all their voices echoing across the festival!
I definitely want to do this festival again next year;-)