Greg Parke –

  Greg Parke has delighted audiences with his music and spontaneous humor for most of his life. As soon as he was able to walk, he would make his way over to the large console radio in his parents living room, put his ear up to the speaker, and sing along with the popular tunes of the day. At age 7, he built his first guitar out of an old cigar box and some fishing line, and by age 9 he went “pro”. (His first show earned him $5.00, which he used to buy a microphone!)

 Music and performing have continued to be a major focus in his life ever since. Whether he is doing a rendition of a song made popular by another artist, or performing one of his originals, his laid back, relaxed performance style really draws the audience in, and leaves the listener feeling as if the song was performed just for them. It doesn’t matter if he is performing in a small, intimate venue, or in a large concert situation in front of a thousand or more, you get the feeling that he really loves to perform.

  His musical past has covered many styles, all of which are evident in his songwriting and performing. Currently most of his performances are done on acoustic and electric MIDI guitars, allowing Greg to get guitar, bass and keyboard sounds from one instrument. He also uses a “looper”, allowing him to layer sounds, with the end result being a very full sound that is often mistaken for a full band. This is all done in real time, with no pre-recorded backing tracks.

  Greg’s musical style has been described as a fusion of modern folk, rock, country and adult alternative, and this is a fairly accurate description. One song might be an original haunting ballad about an old sailor at sea, followed by a well known rock and roll hit, and then move on to Faded Old Flag, a song he wrote as a “thank you” to our soldiers serving all over the world.

  Greg provides a wide range of music, ranging from 50’s and classic rock, to current pop, rock and crossover country, as well as originals. Greg also does a special tribute to Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. Hear such classics such as Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, If You Could Read My Mind, Song The Minstrel  Sang, Sundown , Affair on 8th Avenue, and many others. This tribute is especially suited for corporate events, wine tastings, performance centers, or any other type of concert or listening situation. Each performance can be altered to include Gordon Lightfoot songs only, or also include originals and other songs in a similar style.

 Greg Parke is a fully self contained show, with state of the art sound equipment that will handle almost any size venue. CD’s currently available: Son of a Seaman’s Daughter,Songs of Christmas and Mermaids Whisper. Another CD is in progress and due to be released Spring 2018. For bookings and further information contact: HNW Productions Skamokawa, Wa 98647 360 795 8107 (email) (website)

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