Jul 312013

July is usually a pretty busy month music wise, but this year it has been beyond awesome! I have been so lucky to be able to perform at some outstanding venues…Clatskanie Heritage Days, Pend Oreille Lavender Festival (with a very tasty 5 star BBQ dinner!), Rainier Days, (with the biggest fireworks display on the Lower Columbia River, 9 days after the 4th of July!) Dory days, where I got to watch special flat bottom fishing boats race full speed from the surf to the highest point they could reach on the sandy beach…one of only 3 places in the world that commonly fish this way, Allyn Days with some of the biggest and tastiest sausage dogs I have ever had, not to mention one of the most realistc Elvis impersonators I have ever seen. I also spent many days helping my good friend Scott Netling running sound at several events with his incredible sound company, Music and More. I have put over 3000 miles on my truck, gotten by with very minimal sleep, and enjoyed every minute. But the real highlight was this past weekend, when my Son Kris, married the most wonderful person I could ever hope to have for a Daughter in Law, Marikha! It was a beautiful wedding, on the beach overlooking the Columbia River. August is going to have to work very hard to top this month!